Summervale is a small hamlet on the edge of the dwarven and elven lands, ruled by the oppressive Baron Ryan. The people of Summervale are simple farmers, carpenters, and other day laborers, making their way in the world in order to survive.

About three years ago, the seasons began to change, with winters getting longer, and summers getting shorter. The people of Summervale had to work harder and endure this hardship, hoping that the difficult times would pass. So far, this has not been the case, with winters getting longer and harsher. Now, it seems the winter is unending, lasting far into what should be summer. Snow and ice continue to fall, blocking roads and restricting almost all food available.

No one knows what has caused the winter to become so abnormal, nor what can be done to stop it, if anything could. For now, the people of Summervale are simply trying to survive…


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